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What the storming of The Capitol building means for the left.

In the first 10 days of 2021 we have seen the attempted overthrow of the U.S. governmental system.
Leftists alike looked upon the storming of the Capitol building with anticipation, not in solidarity with the rioters but perhaps more in the support of the smashing of the traditional system on which the U.S. is governed.
The lack of organisation and lack of demands alongside effective leadership is what made the movement fail.
The left around the world and in the major western democracies have now seen that the storming of government institutions and the apparatus of state oppression on the electorate can be toppled with numbers.
However there is the need for organisation and leadership, the libertarian ideal of individualism is ultimately what failed the coup and led to their quick removal from the heart of American governance.

Workers parties around the world have this organisation and have the effective leadership needed to topple the state (Which we all agree is necessary) however the lack of unity among leftist associations is what is stopping what is clearly the will of the majority of people.
The feeling and vigour for revolution is rife among the populations of western democracies.
It is through unity that the smashing of our respective states can come to fruition, but how do we come to this unity?
We are all tied by a common goal, the removal of neo-liberal, career politicians whose sole purpose is the extortion of wealth and the perseverance of the ruling classes that have seldom changed since most western democracies came in to being.
The left has a unique opportunity to pounce on this feeling of grievance among the working class.
the denial of class antagonism is undeniable and is seen (but not admissible by the centre and right) by all and workers parties have a unique opportunity to create the beginning of a new revolution.
Communists, Anarchists, Social Democrats and the like all share a common goal, but it is the reluctance to stoop to the tactics of the far right which has seen increased movement growth and and increase in activity.

We cannot deny the importance of the great work that the workers parties of the democracies play in social advancement, things like food drives, working with the unions etc is a fantastic way to engage with the electorate and this should be taken as an opportunity to spread the message of violent action to bring about the smashing of the state.
The monopolisation of state violence and the perks of being an instrument of state violence and oppression are reason enought to suggest such violent action.

The militarisation of police forces world wide is clear indication of intent by the ruling class and a clear statement of what they think our place in society is.
The COVID-19 pandemic has proven once and for all that the perpetuation of the myth of the “low skilled worker” or the minimum wage worker is only a that, a myth pushed forward the ruling elite to keep the working class as such.
Now these same people are heralded as “key workers” “essential workers” and rightly in all cases, as “heroes” , the very same people who keep the nations standing are the very same who can topple it and make a nation state worthy of the hard work and perseverance that the workers of all nations can and should enjoy the benefits of the fruits of labour for which we are constantly told are within the reach of the working class if we “just work hard enough”.
COVID has made it clear as day the unimportance of our ruling elite, it has exposed the vile nature of the media and any and every attempt made damn and shame the ordinary who are simply asking for enough to live.
Any attempt by the media to fuel the culture war which I feel has contributed to the division in the leftist camps and in society as whole.
It is in the interests of our oligarchical masters to keep the workers at each others throats with the distribution of false information or information that is presented in such as way as to contribute to class antagonism such as racism, homophobia (or the overkill on pro LGBT content to rile up the traditionalists and religious groups) to fuel hatred amongst the workers alike.

We have seen the measures to which the governments hold our value as human beings, which is exactly none.
We are assets, and the quality of life is measured by our contribution to the creation of wealth for people who have not a single care for the working person.
We have seen pay freezes, the open damnation of health and care workers by politicians who are not only responsible for COVID deaths but the deaths seen under awfully funded welfare systems, Illegal wars, Immigration policy.
We have seen the true extent to which the contempt of the ruling class towards the working class is held.
The very notion of non-violent action against these systems is not only futile but naive and dangerous to those who they claim the movements are there to protect.
The starving cannot wait for a protest to come ahead, the sick cannot wait for petitions to be debated, the homeless cannot wait another winter for negations over their housing situation.
There is a genuine need for direct action against the state as it imperative to the health and wellbeing of those we have swore to protect and serve.

With this, workers parties must show more than empty gestures of solidarity and actively start engaging with each other on disruptive and direct action against the state.
As I say to anyone who advocates the apathetic stance of the liberals, if peaceful action worked, we (the UK) would not have went to Iraq based on false intelligence and the pretext of defending the rights of the Iraqi people.
What this single piece of non violent action has done has directly caused the deaths of millions at home and abroad, it has seen the normalisation of racism once again, it has seen the division amongst demographics that will last generations.
This kind of apathetic non violent approach is allowing, enabling and caused the deaths of millions of innocents the world wide.
Imagine if the suffragettes did not take the action they knew was necessary to attain their suffrage, Imagine the LGBT community now if it had not forcibly demanded social change, think of where the nations of the west would be if it wasn’t for the actions of revolutionaries world wide, the formation of things like Socialised medicine and social housing workers rights in western society was brought about to appease workers and to prevent the workers revolutions from taking hold in the very bastions of Empire.
In order for real change to come, there has to be real action, the empty gestures must end and the planning of the beginning of an armed struggle must be brought to the table of every leftist circle, whether it be in social media groups or within parties, we must act as one body towards the common goal we all know is necessary and just.
The absolute smashing of the state and the instruments of oppression used to preserve the power of the ruling classes and the next ruling class that will inevitably come afterwards as to prevent the circulation of oppression and exploitation in a post capitalist society.

Philip Hughes.

The rambles of a man stuck at home observing. I'm a member of the CPGB, the YCL and a fervent internationalist